Best Home physiotherapy in Mohali and chandigarh

    Physiotherapy is supporting in wide number of conditions. Sometimes it becomes impossible for patient to visit to clinic to get physiotherapy done in many conditions like post fracture, geriatric patients, stroke, cardiac patients etc , in those conditions we are providing best home physiotherapy in mohali and chandigarh. Well qualified and experienced doctor will visit at your place and provide you full session of physiotherapy. Let's take example of Patient having cardiac problem and has undergone treatment by getting admitted in hospital .in hospital all doctors ,physiotherapist and nursing staff are readily available and help patient in recovering fast.but after getting discharged from hospital, sometimes patient still requires help from the physiotherapist for chest health and for the limbs.in those cases physiotherapist home visit helps patient to regain confidence to come back to normal life faster. We are team of professionally qualified and experienced physiotherapist to provide home physiotherapy along with physiotherapy at our centers.we understand the importance of physiotherapy support for the patient and we provide the same with very minimal home visit charges. 

    In time of COVID 19 we can undertand the concern of  mobile patients ,so provide physiotherpy support to even those patients at home so that you can recover from your musculoskeletal and other neuro problems at the safety of your home.All our visiting physiotherapists are scanned for any covid symptoms everyday so that you can stay assure that you are safe to take treament from our physiotherapists.


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