Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis.

    Frozen shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis is the condition in which there is restriction in normal mobility of shoulder joint leading to decrese in  range of motion in the joint. There is always compensatory movement visible for the abduction and flexion movement.Patient tends to do movement from the trunk and shoulder blade to compensate for the movement of shoulder joint.

    This inflammatory condition can be there because of Arthritis, Rotator cuff pathologies,Acromio clavicular arthritis,Cervical disc pathology.Diabetic population has occurance rate of 20%.occurance ratio  in F:M is 7:3.

    It has three clinical phases.

    • Acute Painful phase.
    • Adhesive Stiffness phase.
    • Resolution phase.


    Corticosteroid injections and oral corticosteroids are widely used aiming to decrease inflammation in the joint,taking inflammation as the range limiting reason.

    Manual release under anasthesia and Arthroscopic capsular release are also done.


    Physiotherapy can benifit patient in almost all phases of frozen shoulder.In initial phase the main target is to reduce the inflammation and related pain with various physiotherapy modalities.Various exercises are used to release the capsule and free the movement of joint.

    Mobilization techniques are used to increase mobility and Strengthning of muscles is done to support the joint ,provide full range stable movement  and to decrease the atrophy of muscles in later phases of condition.http://dranejaphysiotherapyservices.com



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