Lumbar Traction and Cervical Traction

    Traction is the process that ivolves the pulling of body part to decrease the pressure on the nerve.It includes weights,pulleys,string or traction machine . In physiotherapy traction is used to relieve pressure on nerve because of intervertebral disc protrusion ,to relieve neck and back tigtness.Traction can be given in two modes ,one is continues mode and other is intermittent mode.Intermittent traction inclused Intermittent Cervial Traction or ICT and Intermittent Lumbar Traction or ILT.As name explains cervical traction or ICT in physiotherapy is given at Cervical area and Lumbar traction or ILT is given for lower back or lumbar spine.

    Most common area affected by Disc protrusion is L4-L5 ,L5-S1 because this area has no support and its one of most flixible segment in spine so chances of disc protrusion are more.We provide physiotherapy for PIVD in zirakpur,mohali,panchkula,chandigarh,kharar.


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