Physiotherapy role in post covid recovery.

    Covid19 is having largely negative impact on the physical abilities of the patient. The disadvantages include difficulty in performing normal physical activities like walking, running and many more. These impacts are due to compromised body functions by drastic impacts of #Coronavirus. The weakness prevails for a longer period of time if not dealt with proper care and attention. The most important requirements of #PostCovid19 patients is physical exercise which will not only stimulate their muscular system but also will boost the circulation, improving the blood flow to the vital organs. Improved blood flow in lungs in turn increases the pulmonary capacities of the patients. #Coronavirus infection largely impacts the lung volumes which leads the insufficient oxygenation of blood. This reduces the normal functioning of body. The problems faced by patients also include lethargy and breathlessness, fatigue, reduction in physical strengths and many more. #Physiotherapy postcovid19 will help the patient get back to the normal lifestyle with appropriate strength and capacities. It will improve the lung functions and thus will help in appropriate oxygenation of blood. The reduced strength can get back to normal with regular exercises and pulmonary training. The disadvantages faced by the patients can therefore be cut down to zero. Regular walk starting from slow to brisk walk can also help the situation well. Hence, regular fitness training will help getting back to the normal routine after a person has suffered the infection.

    We are providing Physiotherapy support to post covid patients in chandigarh ,mohali and zirakpur to regain strength and jump back to normal life.


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