Trigger Finger and its physiotherapy management.

    Trigger finger is a condition characterised by finger stucked in bent position and when patient try to straighten it ,it happened with a snap. The reason for this snap and stuck is inflammed tendon. Muscles are attached to bone by tendon and they pass under tendon sheath as shown in picture ,whenever there is inflammation of this tendon it gets stuck in sheath during bending and came out with snap.This condition is sometimes also called stenosing tenosynovitis. 

    Causes: Repetitive stress can cause trigger finger especially the movements with repetitive forceful movement of thumb and fingers.females are more affected than males.


    • Stretching 
    • splinting
    • Release techniques 
    • Deep friction massage 

    are used in physiotherapy for trigger finger.Along with that NSAID's and steroid injections are used by doctors to help patients with trigger finger.We provide physiotherapy for trigger finger in zirakpur,mohali ,chandigarh,panchkula,kharar and derabassi.



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